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Teo is the first AI-powered advertising platform built for lending.

Leverage Big Data to target the right prospects, at the right time, before your competition.

Credit Qualify & enrich every lead instantly, so you don’t waste time chasing down bad prospects.

Follow up with leads on autopilot, across text, messenger, voice, and email so you can stay focused on closing deals.





What Teo does:

Convert up to 6x more web visitors into leads with intelligent, data-driven sales pages & forms.


Launch profitable Facebook & Instagram ad campaigns in less than 60 seconds.

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Speed Up Digital Transformation

Without hiring a large team, learning complicated tech, outsourcing to an overpriced agency or needing to take out a second mortgage.

Same marketing spend

Up to 600% more loans.

Static, self-reported web forms are dead.  Teo uses housing, mortgage & credit data to provide consumers with the on-demand, interactive experience they expect. Fewer Fields. More Data. Higher Conversion. More Loans.

How to go from digital zero to hero in less than 24 Hours with Teo.

Dump the digital "experts." 

Hire Teo to help you 24/7.

Fill out a form, sit back and watch Teo power your pipeline with short apps for the price of a Starbucks™ coffee.  Teo does not make mistakes or take breaks. Teo will optimize your advertising all day and all night so you can focus on growing your business.

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Access big data to 

reach borrowers first.

Enterprises like Quicken dominate online marketing because they have access to big data.  This data allows them to target the most motivated borrowers first.  Teo combines proprietary housing data with behavioral models to help place your ad in front of top prospects just like your big boy competition.

Focus only on credit qualified prospects.

Skip the dead-end form & let Teo credit qualify your leads in real-time with just name & address. Provide instant Experian pre-quals that give prospects the confidence to move forward quickly, while saving you HOURS each day chasing down bad leads.

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Engage leads across 

every mobile channel.

Teo engages your prospects through a synchronized cadence of video, audio, and media-rich messaging across Facebook, text, voice, and email. Let Teo convert 8x more leads to prospects on auto-pilot.

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Start Generating Exclusive leads in 24 Hours or less.