The Conversational Customer Acquisition Framework™

There is a secret that most marketers do not want you to catch on to. It will make the majority …

There is a secret that most marketers do not want you to catch on to. It will make the majority of advertising agencies irrelevant.

The future of online advertising is shifting right now. Those businesses who take advantage will reap the rewards. Those who come late to the party face extinction.

This is the reality. No other time in history has it been easier for small businesses to compete online with their largest rivals.

Never before has access to technology been so readily available…yet most professionals, salespeople, and entrepreneurs are still doing it the hard way.

✅ Create Ad

✅ Get Clicks

✅ Generate Cheap 💩 Leads

❌ Make ZERO Sales

🍺 Drink & Curse Facebook & Instagram

Generating leads on Facebook is fairly easy.

Turning those leads into sales is hard.

Most blame the platform, the ads or say:

“The Leads are Weak!”

No. The leads aren’t weak.

Your follow up is!

The Fortune is in the Follow Up!

People don’t pick up the phone anymore and they sure as 💩 don’t read emails.

The average person receives over 140+ emails every single day.

Not to mention the dreaded promotions tab.

Luckily for us, the Zucks is going all-in on messaging.

Facebook Messenger is right now the cheapest and easiest way to start sales conversations.

These conversations are much more valuable than someone filling out a form to never be heard from again.

Most marketing “gurus” are using chat wrong.

They have taken the same strategy for email automation and shoved it into messenger.

Simply put…

A really good messenger bot sets up a human conversation.



Isn’t the whole point of a messenger bot to automate your marketing and get rid of having to talk with people?

No. No. and No.

And this is the part you’ve got to remember.

A really effective messenger bot is in place to automate the really sucky parts of lead generation and sales. It’s not in place to replace actual human interaction.

If you use messenger bots correctly…

  • All the cold reach out is automated.
  • All the early awkward reach out is automated.
  • All the initial prospect qualifying is automated.

And what that means is powerful.

When you do finally jump in and “relieve” the bot and take over the conversation in messenger… The prospect is ready to buy.

You just get to skip all the crappy parts of the sales process because the bot did all of that for you.

Teo handles all the initial lead conversations, pre-qualifies lead using an Experian Soft Pull and uses AI to automate all of your follow-up.

We test thousands of leads coming through our funnels every single week to optimize conversion…all you need to do is plug in.

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